Friday, 23 April 2010

Quick catch up!

I know, I know, it's been a while since I posted. Life is so very full and all my creative juices are somewhat diluted at the moment.

What have I been doing? Well there was Easter and all the fun and excitement... and extra work. There was a holiday (interrupted just a bit by trying to sort out a response to an Employment Tribunal and by the n
ews that a Circuit project had lost a member of staff due to her being deported on Easter Sunday...). The holiday involved a trawl of my family up north, Wednesday = Chesterfield, Thursday = Harrogate and Bolton, Friday = Manchester and Knowle, Saturday back home.

We did get some lovely days on the boat - including quite a lot more painting and some sitting in the sun drinking tea.
Also went to the wedding of my colleague Jen
and her partner Keith - both more friends than colleagues now. It was a beautiful occasion, with packed church, wonderful singing and liturgy that was so right for them. Jen looked amazing - as always, but especially so. It was a privilege to share in such a special day.

We have recently booked a holiday. When the kids are in Switzerland with Scouts in the August, Sandy and I are going to..... (drum roll).... Iceland! Hmm, not sure there's a connection between us booking and Eyjafjallajökull going up?

The weather this week has been stunning and I haven't made it to the boat once. It was been desperately busy. Tuesday was the toughest day, I began work at 7.45 and finished at 23.10 and I feel wrecked. Have had to plan Sunday's worship today on my day off - and yes, I am looking for sympathy - or at least understanding from those who are waiting for me to do things and wondering what happened to my creativity and efficiency!

The children were both in the school Spring Concert last night - which was truly superb. It was quite poignant because, though Robert will stay on for sixth form, we are trying to find Tamsin a school closer to where we are going to live in a few weeks time. She is seventh on the waiting list for the school we really want her to go to, so here's hoping. This means Tamsin's first Spring Concert at Claremont will be her last and that feels sad.

Ah yes, moving house. We need to start sorting stuff out - I hate sorting stuff out - burying my head in a bucket and hoping it all happens without me is probably not the best approach but is attractive.

Just a taster of why my blogging is not regular and a sign of how disorderly my thinking is at the moment.