Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Methodism - what will become of us?

I agree with David Gamble, in 100 years the Methodist Church might be part of a new church. What might that church look like?

People will love each other and the world, this will be seen in active caring and the creating of safe spaces to be themselves, to worship with freedom and integrity. It will be seen in the amount of time the work of that church is done away from chapels, churches and cathedrals, taking place rather in art galleries, prisons, hospitals, on rubbish tips, in estates and tenements, in theatres, on farms, in villages, in rain-forests and deserts.... in political engagement, on marches and rallies, campsites and mines...

All food and drink served, consumed and given out by the church will be fairly traded.
All power used will be from sustainable sources.

Worship will be a place where people feel safe to be themselves and to celebrate tastes and styles that are not their favourite but are part of a patchwork of wonder, love and praise.

It won't need the following:
"Sub-dean designate of St Albans. Masters, Prime Wardens and Upper Bailiffs; bishops, the Lord Mayor Locum Tenens, the State Trumpeters of the Band of Blues and Royals; ..., the City Marshall, the Sheriffs, the Aldermen, the Ceremoniarius (?), the Dean and Chapter, the Sword Bearer, the Serjeant at Arms, the Archbishop of Wales " as were present at a service for the 'Sons of Clergymen' at St Paul's Cathedral today.

It will be a church where women, men, children of any colour, culture, sexuality, language, psychological, physical and mental ability are not just welcome but are able to fully participate in the life of the church and in working out what kind of church it should be.

The leadership of this church will be shared and the structures of each local expression of the church will be formed according to the gifts of those who worship there. Church leaders will not burn out from overwork and will not be defensive about the way they spend their time because all feel valued, supported and loved, whatever their responsibilities.

That's just my starter for ten - and just one more thing.... is church the right word? Can we again become a movement within the realm of God?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Blogging Again

Inspired by Barbara Glasson http://www.touchstone-bradford.org.uk/blog/12 I am going to try and blog more regularly but with short bits of news, rather than waiting until I have something big to say!

I'm just back from leading the Hemel Hempstead and Berkhampstead Circuit retreat at High Leigh. It was lovely and people seemed to really appreciate my contribution and willingly entered into the exercises that I invited them into. I also realised I need to brush up my OT knowledge after an embarrassing performance in a quiz!

My glass-fusing is going well, I am enjoying it so much. Sandy and Tamsin will hold a stall selling it at the Twyford CofE High School Summer Fair. I can't be there as I'm working, but if you are in/near Acton and want to see - or even buy some, you would be welcome. Food and games stalls and all the fun of the fair!! 18th June, 2pm - 5pm.