Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Statement from Methodist leaders following the tram derailment in Croydon

It is with great sorrow and concern that we learned the news of the tram derailment in Croydon this morning. It seems unimaginable that people making a simple journey to work, or school or home have been hurt or killed in such a sudden and tragic way.

Local church leaders are ready to help in any way that they can and prayers will be offered in churches across Croydon and London in the days to come. Church members use the tram regularly because it is reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly and this is a very sad day for the whole community in Croydon.

The prayers and thoughts of Methodists in London are with the injured and with the families and friends of those who have died. We remember with thanks the emergency services and their tireless efforts to save life and to bring comfort.

The Revd Peter Clarke – Superintendent of the Croydon Circuit of the Methodist Church
The Revd Nigel Cowgill – Chair of the London District of the Methodist Church

The Revd Michaela Youngson – Chair of the London District of the Methodist Church
Reflection and prayer following the USA Presidential Election

From the Chairs of the London District of the Methodist Church

Following a fractious and divisive campaign, the results of the election are in and the world has woken up to the news that Donald Trump is President-Elect of the United States of America.

For many this is a victory, and the pundits and commentators will spend months speculating on what motivated voters to make the choices that they did. There will be those who feel vindicated and a sense of freedom in what seems like a new era in world politics.

For others the result is frightening and the world feels a less safe place, a place where the vulnerable are not protected and where the new era of politics is merely the same wolf of privilege and power in sheep’s clothing of a different flock.

It feels as if hate has overcome love. As Christians, we know that cannot be the end of the story. Love conquers hate, good overcomes evil, unity is always more Godly than division.
How do we respond to what we see in the world? People of good will and people of faith need to love more, love better and love with more fervour, more passion and more self-sacrifice.

As Methodist people, our tradition is to love like that, to roll up our sleeves and help our neighbour in need, to ask hard questions of the powerful and to be willing to risk our own comfort for the sake of others. It is also our tradition to pray.

A prayer following the 2016 USA Presidential Election
Gracious God
you hold all things together for good
and you long for creation to be restored
and all your people to live in peace.
We pray today for the United States of America
for all who voted in the election,
and for all who chose not to vote.
We pray for those who will take office in government
and for Donald Trump as he prepares to take on the role of President.
Grant all in power and leadership
your gifts of wisdom, compassion and humility
that those governed by them might live in unity and peace.
We pray for your world,
that barriers of hate, prejudice and fear be broken down
and replaced by bridges of love, openness and trust.
In the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

The Revd Michaela Youngson

The Revd Nigel Cowgill
Chairs of the London District of the Methodist Church