Monday, 13 June 2016

A fused glass panel formed 12.6.2016
by Michaela Youngson
The news broke yesterday morning. Another bloody Sunday, another 'Mass Casualty Incident', another slaughter of the innocents. You could write the script, the anguish, the courage, the text messages, the community response. The media behave as you would expect. The politicians behave as you would expect. Hate makes headlines, fear makes votes. In the face of such deep distress, such pointless horror, we stand transfixed, silenced, helpless and watch another generation dance the same dance as the last and the one before and the one before.

The panel shown here was originally to be called 'Good Friday' but it came out of the kiln yesterday, on the day that the news broke.  Perhaps there will be new life, a dawn beyond the horizon of grief but for now, for God's sake, we stand as those who looked upon the cross and wonder at a world desperately in need of a new narrative. A thousand pietas could be painted today, of mothers clutching their son's lifeless bodies. A thousand pietas could be painted tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow - until love defeats hate. The blood will flow, mingling with the tears - until love defeats hate. The stories on our screens will burn our eyes blind to compassion - until love defeats hate. Hasten the day - until love defeats hate.