Monday, 5 October 2009

Monday Monday

Just a hello to my friends in the blogosphere. The weather has changed - it's rather dull and matches my mood beautifully.

I spent last week mostly in bed with the flu and have just worked a ridiculously full weekend - so guess what? Yep, I feel lousy again. At some point I have to go to the music shop to buy a clarinet book for my daughter - who won't actually get her hands on a clarinet until half-term. Not sure that is a helpful way of teaching an instrument, but hey what do I know?

The weekend was okay though - Women's Network 'Quiet' Day on Saturday (not sure quiet is close to an accurate description). This was followed by meeting representatives of organisations with an interest in protecting the rights of minorities in Pakistan. This included meeting an MPA (parliamentarian) from Pakistan, who seemed open to working for change. There is a possibility I may go to the Punjab and Karachi as part of a group invited to discuss human rights, minority protection and women's rights. So I am fluctuating between excitement, anxiety and my usual sense of 'why me, what can I offer'. But lots of learning and research to do - who knows where this will lead?

Sunday was Harvest Festivals and home communion and lots of form filling for church members' school applications, visa applications etc. Did get a slight reprieve as the Pastoral Training at Kings Hall has been put back a week.

Got home to collapse in a heap and was fed marvellous roast dinner. Just about remember what the kids look like. Now it's Monday, the house is a tip and I just want to sleep. So another week begins.

Does anyone know any good resources for leading Bible Studies?


  1. sounds madly busy, hope you will be feeling well again soon.

  2. Sorry about he flu and hope you'll pick up soon. Alas, Monday often does seem to be a 'flop' day, and it makes it worse if you look around at your house! I'm hoping to have a clear-up today, and I'll think of you. I hesitate, as a lay person, to make suggestions to you, but is there anything useful in what I wrote for our church Newsletter?


    Since the Circuit Farewell Service in which 12 of us received our certificates for completing the Disciple 4 course, I have had people asking me to explain what we were receiving certificates for. So I want to draw attention to the tremendous benefits that come from the study of the Disciple Courses - in discipline, in fellowship and, most of all, in personal transformation as we all walk closer with Jesus. It seems very daunting at first to commit to spending 34 weeks in in-depth Bible study (for the Disciple 1 course means covering most of the Bible in nine months), but all who make this commitment speak enthusiastically of the experience. Personally, I found the Disciple 2 course to have the deepest, most lasting effect on my Christian journey, though each course added to the others.

    I see from their website, that at Dermot’s new church, Palace Avenue, Paignton, out of 150 members 55 have studied Disciple 1, 22 have done Disciple 2 and 8 have studied Disciple 3. By coincidence, when they and the Reading Circuit were both studying Disciple 2, we were linked as prayer partners!

    So I would urge you to seriously consider committing yourselves to a Disciple course this year. When a number of members in the same church commit themselves in this way, the effect on the church is quite extraordinary, as at Christ Church, Woodley..

    But if you really and truly feel that such a long commitment is not for you, please consider whether your house group could follow one of the six short Disciple courses that are now available, covering 8, 10 or 11 weeks. The titles of these are -

    Invitation to Psalms
    Invitation to John
    Invitation to the New Testament
    Invitation to the Old Testament
    Invitation to Genesis
    Invitation to Romans

    Also I was surprised to find that after Disciple 4, they list two further 30-week courses -

    Jesus in the Gospels and

    Christian Believer

    I am excited to read about 'Christian Believer' on the Disciple website because it looks to me as though this study could revitalise a church if enough people could be signed up to discover what it is we Christians really believe!

    If you are alone in wanting to take a Disciple course, I have good news for you! I understand that, just as blogging and Facebook can form groups of friends, it is now possible to become part of an on-line Disciple group! So do make enquiries about this, if you think this is the way in for you.

  3. The Sacred Wells are running dry, Micky!