Friday, 11 December 2009

Rachel gets creative again

Here's a reflective poem from the very gifted Rachel Parkinson, who says, "which is a fruit of a "Retreat in Daily Life" which we've recently run as a Circuit. It was a great experience and, despite the fact that it was a group of only 12 of us from across the Circuit, I hope that the ripples will continue to spread. Would recommend it as a Circuit initiative.
The poem came out of a reflection on John 1 which is suitably seasonal."

He was in the world, and the world came into being through him; yet the world did not know him.” John 1 v.10

Did I recognise him?

When the well-spring of life

turned water into new wine

did I catch the foretaste

of a heavenly banquet yet to come?

When the hour he spoke

proved the hour of recovery

did I choose to see

healing or coincidence?

When a mat picked-up

meant a man could walk again

did I worry only

that it happened on a Sunday?

When the Bread of Life

broke bread for thousands

did I hear the echo of manna

as I ate my fill?

When he came to me

across a storm-crossed sea

did I grasp he ruled the waves

as well as walked upon them?

When the mudpack cleared

from the beggar’s eyes

did the scales fall from mine -

or did he alone see the Light?

When Lazarus

was bandage-bound

did I turn away before the

unwrapping promised new Life?

Did my eyes slide easily over his surface?

Or did every atom of my stardust-being

recognise the One

who had been there at their creation?

Based on the seven signs of the Messiah in John’s Gospel:

the wedding at Cana (2 v.1-11); the healing of the official’s son (4 v.46-53); the healing of the paralytic (5 v.2-9); the multiplication of the loaves (6 v.1-13); the walking on water (6 v.16-21) and the raising of Lazarus (11 v.17-44)