Sunday, 15 August 2010

Mist, rain, fog and mist

Day 7
We had a long drive today - through what is apparently really stunning scenery, however, we saw none of it due to a relentless mist that clung to the hills and crept in from the coast and filled the gap in between. The handful of photo's taken today reflect the conditions!

Most of the day seemed to be spent driving, which was a bit tedious given the monotonous visual theme of the day! We did venture down a rough track made of volcanic ash, at the end of which we could glimpse a glacier through the gloom.

We were interested to see a group of intrepid tourists who where setting off to climb up onto the ice. Most seemed to be well kitted out for this but we were a bit worried about the guy who had no waterproofs and Converse on his feet!

We are now in the Ork Hotel in Hveragerdi (no tea tray.... but free wifi - what you win on the swings you loose on the roundabouts!), which is only 40 km from Reykjavik and is set at the start of the 'Golden Circle' - one of the classic tourist routes in Iceland. So, should the weather clear up, tomorrow we will see geysers at Geysir, Gullfoss - another fabulous waterfall and we will visit the site where the Alpingi met for over 700 years before moving to the modern capital.

The Alpingi is the oldest continuous parliament in the world and established a great deal of the culture of Iceland, maintaining its influence despite rule by other Scandinavian countries at different points in its history. Two nights here - hope to use the pool and geothermically heated spa tomorrow even if the weather does not play fair.

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  1. Sounds the trip of a lifetime Micky. Glad you've had such a wonderful time. Travel well.