Sunday, 12 June 2011

Looking forward to Trinity Sunday

A reflection for Trinity Sunday

The Weaver, The Word and Wisdom

In the beginning, the Weaver, The Word and Wisdom

moving in relationship together,

caught a vision of potential,

a glimpse of possibility, and,

with tentative steps, creation’s dance began.

Creation was shot through with the generosity of the Weaver’s grace

The rhythm of life’s passion played loudly

as a constant beat at the heart of myriad universes.

Against this universal backdrop The Word moved

and became free, small and intimate.

In the cry of a child, the song of a woman

and the shout of a dying man

the Word’s voice added melody to the Weaver’s song.

In the midst of confusion, absence and loss,

Wisdom found her way.

She had danced with the Weaver’s threads, throughout all time,

weaving a maypole dance of energetic passion.

She added harmony to the beat and the melody

and composed a symphony of colour.

If creation for a single moment fails to hear the Weaver’s rhythm,

or misses the Word’s intimate melody,

then Wisdom will dance through the silence

until all that is joins in love’s rejoicing.


  1. Your WW&W book is a wonderful resource at this time of year. Thanks

  2. Thanks Rachel, I was at a church that I've never preached at Pentecost for this morning - so was able to just pick up my book and go! Saved a lot of planning in a busy week. Also took some raw glass and fused glass as an illustration of the difference the Holy Spirit might make in our lives. It was so nice to lead about stuff that is so central to my comfort zone!!