Thursday, 26 February 2009

Ash Wednesday Poem

By Michaela Youngson

I feel the gritty reality of ash
beneath my thumb
ready to be placed
with care upon the head of
person, after person,
standing before me.

Each made in God's image.
Each made from dust.
Each with their own understanding, 
view, perspective
on what is taking place.

Eye to eye, soul to soul
words capture a universe breadth 
of creedal wondering
and experience.

I offer the priestly words
content to challenge lifestyle,
affirm mortality, 
offer absolution.

Only when an ash laden thumb
is placed on my head
does the meaning for myself
become clear.

I am limited by linear time,
death will come,
yet caught up also
in the eternal pattern 
of God's creating.

For more poems and reflections on Ash Wednesday visit Abbey of the Arts.


  1. welcome to the Poetry Party Michaela! thank you for your beautiful offering. I am very moved by that last line.

  2. I love this, that knowledge of being limited by linear time somehow makes everything possible.