Friday, 27 February 2009

Help with a technical question

Why if I want to paste text into my posting 'box' in Blogger does the text drop onto the screen below the box and then not appear in my post? Please will someone help me work out how to add large sections of text (such as Rachel's hymn) and then I won't need to type them out?

Thanks dear bloggers wat is brighter than I is...


  1. I've not a clue what the answer is Micky (one of the reasons I don't have a blog!) - but thanks for posting the hymn anyway. Hope it's useful.

  2. Hi, Micky. Well, it worked for me! I clicked on Edit, highlighted Rachel's poem/hymn on Richard's blog, clicked on copy, then opened my blog for a new post, made sure that I'd indicated where I wanted the hymn to appear, then clicked on Edit again and finally Paste - and it appeared right where it should be. I hope you can see from that what went wrong with yours.

    What I want someone to tell me, is how to make the kind of post that you substituted for the actual hymn, with a link in blue that can instantly send you to another blog. One good turn deserves another, so can you help me, please?

  3. Thanks Olive, you describe perfectly the process that I keep attempting but the text just doesn't go where I want it to... so more answers on a postcard for that one.

    When I want to do a hot link ( I think that's what they are called - or it could be hyperlink...) I select the 'label' i.e. the bit of text I want to act as the link, then there is an icon above the edit box, with a world and what looks like a paper clip, click on that and a dialogue box appears into which you past or type the actual web address that you want to link to.

    Makes sense? Good luck!

  4. Blogger is playing up at the moment, I suspect you are experiencing a recuring technical hitch, because it sounds like you are doing the right thing to me.

  5. Before you try to paste, choose the 'Edit HTML' option on the tab at the top right of the posting box. Your copied text should drop into the box then you just need to go back to the 'Compose' tab to format your font.

    This is purely from experience. I have no idea why it should be so. Take it on faith! ;-)

  6. Thanks Pam - I will give it a go!

  7. hi...
    a bit late to this question... but sometimes the issue is font color (copying from a dark background and the font is white) and sometimes it is a formatting issue. Microsoft is particularly bad at this. I try to remember to cut and paste text via a program like WordPad which takes the extraneous formatting out and pastes the text as 'plain text'.

    Possibly helpful? :)