Sunday, 29 March 2009

Fruitful Birds

We have now had enough eggs for our own use for a week and given 8 away today! Hurray. We are now a source of protein for friends and folk at church. It is hugely satisfying to give eggs away and know that they are produced by happy little hens. There is so little of what we eat and consume that we have any real connection with.

So time to get the seeds out and plant the veggie patch - which is being well fertilised by other products of our hens - less fun than the eggs!

Lent is moving on apace and I may be ready for Holy Week by Pentecost. I've just remembered I need to write 3 Pause For Thoughts by the end of tomorrow - so any inspiration would be gratefully received! Hopefully I can use one for the Church magazine editors' who are both chasing me for my next moving pearl of wisdom. Do people read these things? Why? I never did - straight to dates for your diary for me when I get church newsletters, and lots of avoiding twee, humourless stories and ridiculously easy crosswords.


  1. I don't know if this will help, but we led an LA service last night at our church. (We are having to do more and more local Arrangements services because we have fewer Ministers and local Preachers.)

    We used 'The Centurion's Story' in which he describes how careful he has to be to get the nails in the right place so that death doesn't come too quickly and his realisation at the end that this was no ordinary crucifixion. We also used reflections and prayers from Collins 'Celtic Daily Prayer' - I find the following very moving -

    Jesus is stripped of his garments

    Jesus is nailed to the Cross

    Jesus dies upon the Cross

    Jesus is taken from the Cross

    Jesus is laid in the sepulchre

  2. Thanks Olive. I don't think I've heard of 'The Centurion's Story' before. do you know where it comes from?

  3. It is on page 141 of a book called In Unexpected Places, where Jesus Christ Rules. By Tony Jasper & Myra Blyth ISBN number 0-551-01626-4.

    I hope you will find it helpful.