Saturday, 4 April 2009

Wonderful Day

I've just spent the afternoon and evening at a very special celebration. This was a service/concert at Kings Hall Methodist Church Southall. It was a Calvary service - nearest English equivalent would be a Christmas Carol service but for Lent not Advent. Asian Christians from Oxford, Nottingham, High Wycombe and closer to Southall gathered and shared poems, songs, readings and prayers. Some of the elements were in English, most were in Urdu/Hindi.

Songs ranged from children singing 'Father Abraham', a soloist doing a great version of Robbie Williams 'Angels', and wonderful, haunting Asian songs. With eyes closed I could see the cross on the hill top and feel the hot, dry wind taking the moisture from my skin. 

The atmosphere was warm, friendly - at times very reverent, such as when Christ walked to the front carrying a huge cross and stumbling. 

The service laster about 2 hours longer than planned yet I didn't feel anxious or bored, people were clearly having a good time. 

I went not having a clue what to expect and having prepared a tight order of service (not needed at all). Those who had invited contributors did a fantastic job and the food afterwards was delicious.

All in all a good afternoon. 

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