Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Rachel Writing Again



The nurse draws the stiff white sheet

over the face

as the doctor clips her pen to the clipboard.


“A classic case” she says. 

“The damage was


over many years.”


“A hardening of the oughteries

led to reduced circulation of

spontaneity and laughter

around the body. 


This allowed a build up of


in the internal organs with pooling of

stress and anxiety

at the extremities.” 


“There was also evidence of crushing to the vertebrae;

the last straw,


having never been reached.”


“The irony is”, said the doctor

“that she had the medication in her pocket. 

But the lid was adult-proof

and the child inside her, that might have opened it,

had long since gone away.”



Rachel Parkinson.  Whitby.  May 2009


  1. A great poem Rachel. You mention that 'hardening of the oughteries' is a phrase from 'God of Surprises' - what a great book that is, no wonder it's a classic.
    Sorry to hear your chucks are being unproductive! Are you putting grit down for them?
    Ours really like pecking my feet - little beggars!!

  2. Thanks for posting this Micky. It felt like one to share.
    As for the chickens, it probably doesn't help that my testosterone-fuelled household has given them names like "Rambo". I've been advised to put an egg or two in the henhouse to "give them the idea". Having looked them in the eye, the only idea I can believe they have in their feather-brains is "is this food?"! They are lovely to have around though and yes, ours do the feet thing too.

  3. excellent poem, thank you Micky for posting, and Rachel for writing it!