Thursday, 28 May 2009

Study of delight

There is nothing quite like a tidy study! It is a thing of wonder and delight - possibly because it is such a rare thing. I feel much more like getting things done when I can see the wood that my desk is made of and I'm not tripping over piles of unresolved paperwork. (Just don't look in any cupboards or drawers unless you want the fantasy of neat, orderly bliss to end.)

There are down sides to spending a whole day of your holiday tidying up - firstly not really an appropriate thing to do on holiday. Secondly I am reminded of all those little jobs that I've been ignoring for sooooo long. Mind you some of them are now past their sell by date - yippee. Thirdly - and this is a mixed blessing - I have seen again all the books that I have bought in the last few months. They look up at me expectantly, smiling a warm invitation and yet, again and again I let them down. My lack of time and ability to prioritise it means I neglect these literary wonders - to the detriment of my preaching, humour, intelligence.... Do I have to wait another 3 years for a sabbatical before I get to some serious (or frivolous reading)? 

Perhaps a tidy desk will create space in my head and diary as well - or am I really dreaming?


  1. From my experience -- though not of a Manse study - I'm afraid you are dreaming! Sorry! See you at Conference, perhaps?

  2. :-) your desk sounds remarkably like mine.... right now I am contemplating packing it up for the move to Yorkshire in August...