Thursday, 22 January 2009

Lent Courses

In just a few weeks time we will be making that very difficult decision - will it be savoury (e.g. Tuna and Cheese), traditional (Lemon and Sugar) or wickedly indulgent (tinned pairs, rich dark chocolate sauce and very good vanilla ice cream)? Or perhaps one of each! Yes Lent is just around the corner - at least it is for those of us who have to plan 2 or 3 courses in our own churches or ecumenical groups.

So for me a prior decision to what to have in my pancake on Shrove Tuesday, is 'what Lent course/resource' should I use?

An appeal.... any ideas folks? What have you used and in what context?

Looking forward to your responses (and any off-the-wall pancake filling ideas also acceptable!).


  1. Cheese and jam? Truly I stick to traditional- lemom and sugar. Great to find your blog, I popped by from Olive's place, but am also a revgal.

  2. Hi Micky. I found Christina Baxter's book "The wounds of Jesus" a useful jumping-off point in developing a series of reflections / prayerful meditations for the weeks of Lent. It gives a good structure - starting with the wounds to Jesus' back, feet, hands, side, head and heart.
    On the pancake fillings - you can't beat melted Fairtrade chocolate or FT bananas with toffee sauce made from FT brown sugar. I've found Fairtrade pancake parties go down a storm!
    Hope you're enjoying the rigours of Superintendency - equipped by the new Super's course!

  3. Hi Rachel - have you a blog? what's it called? Thanks for the ideas - both of them!!! x

  4. We will be joining Churches Together in Caversham in mixed ecumenical groups as usual and this year we will be following the York course again.

    We have an annual pancake party at our church but have not explored much with fillings - yet. As an eco-congregation and with a strong following in the sale of Fairtrade, I shall suggest that we might consider Fairtrade pancakes this year. We have baked potatoes first, with various fillings, and (since the arrival of our Minister and his wife and two stewards from South Africa) we've also had a first course of 'bobotie' which is a South African dish - a sort of shepherd's pie containing minced beef and other ingredients and topped with fried eggs!

  5. No - I don't have a blog as such - don't feel brave or disciplined enough! Having said that, the main church I have oversight of has a blog on its website "" and whilst it's not meant to be (nor written as) my personal blog, I'm the main contributor! Hoping others will pick up the habit, but may give up soon.
    Just another tip about FT pancake parties for Olive and others - you may well find that you can pick up a lot of free donations from Fairtrade good guys like the Co-op and Sainsbury's if you offer to make people aware of where they can buy FT goods in your locality. Make a table menu advertising the merits of FT and put details of local suppliers on it

  6. Thanks, Rachel. I have passed on all the suggestions for our Pancake Party and these will be considered when we come to make final arrangements. I'm not sure about the free donations, though, because we have our own church Fairtrade stock - there was a large stall in the hall after this morning's service - and Reading is now a fairtrade town after we and several churches like ours had a campaign for this. So the supermarkets like Waitrose have large sections of the store specifically for Firtrade goods.