Monday, 12 January 2009

Thinking about stuff

Well Sunday came and went - it was great to be doing my 3rd Covenant service, I'd almost got the sermon crafted by the final time of delivery! Of course the atheist bus ad was a gift to any preacher considering what God might require of us. I might tentatively suggest that enjoying ourselves is something we can do because God probably (or certainly...) does exist. So considering 'What shall I render to my God' in terms of Covenant renewal was okay.

I managed via Iplayer to catch up with the last episode of Ann Frank. I knew where it was going of course but that did not make it less moving. It was good to see how involved my kids became in the story - another generation will know something of the struggle and horror that is born of hatred and insane prejudice. It was also interesting to watch the series in the context of what is going on in Palestine/Israel.

For me though the best thing about the adaptation was that Ann was portrayed as a rounded person - a teenager with all the questions, idealism, anger, love, romanticism that should be in a 13 - 14 year old - especially one as intelligent as she was. She was not a saint - I felt I knew her better than in previous portrayals and felt so much for her mother, played wonderfully by Tamsin Greig.


  1. Did you stick strictly to the Worship Book in your Covenant Services? or did you use the modern version of the covenant prayer as quoted by Sslly on 'Eternal Echoes? I've only experienced the formal prayer in the Worship Book, but I have a feeling that my Minister is intending to use the modern form of it on Sunday morning.

  2. At one church - which has the MWB I used the new form of prayer, at the other which has MSB I used the old. I actually found both moving - I love the liturgies in Methodist Worship Book very much but have been reminded by having to use the old book (for now) that there was a great deal in it that was excellent, if we just change the exclusive language. I hope whatever version people use, they are able to wholeheartedly join in because the Covenant service is a gift from Methodism to the whole church. Rowan Williams chose to use it at his consecration as Archbishop and I think that is so special.

  3. It is indeed very special and I always look forward to it, even though I know I will be greatly challenged by it.